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We all love getting a good night’s sleep. Dealing with household pests, especially bedbugs, presents an unignorable problem for every member of your family. If not taken care of quickly, bedbugs can evolve into an infestation that can wreck your household’s health, well-being, and finances.

You ever wondered how to tell if you have bed bugs? Knowing the answer to that question can be a valuable tool to protect your family against bedbug infestations – one of the most prevalent insects in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. Getting a good night’s sleep is often one of the most common things we all look forward to. Sleep deprivation can be very hazardous to your health – leading to several chronic illnesses. Waking up to find a trail of bug bites left behind can be very unsettling. If bug bites keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, continue reading to see how to tell if you have bed bugs.


Not only are bedbugs tiny insects that are hard to see. They are blood-sucking vermin that usually come out at night and often leave you with rashes and insect bites. These small, apple seed-sized insects can impact your family’s health and wreak havoc on your wallet. Interestingly enough, bed bugs can survive for several months without any food and easily fit into the narrowest of locations – like the creases of mattresses, luggage, headboards, and bedding. Do you have furniture that you adore? If you do not take the proper steps to get rid of bed bugs, you can kiss your expensive bedding, box springs, and even wallpaper goodbye. Bed bugs love textures and fabrics but hate light. So, they often hide from plain sight.

This article will show you how to tell if you have bedbugs, one of Middle Tennessee’s most prevalent pests.

Bug Bites

Most people attribute a bite to mosquitos or fleas. Bedbug bites start painlessly. Then, they become very itchy. They may bite you on any part of your body with exposed skin, and unlike fleas, will not have a red dot in the center. You may wake up with bug bites that you did not have the night before. Look for these signs in or around any areas where you sleep at night.


You may notice that there are bloodstains on your bedding. Bedbugs tend to come out and bite their victims at night while oblivious to their presence and sleeping. After the bedbugs pierce your skin, they use their beak to feed on your blood for up to 10 minutes. After they have had their fill, they crawl away without you noticing that they were even there.

Body Parts & Fecal Matter

Like any other bug, bedbugs will go through a maturation phase, where they will shed their skin, have babies (usually over 200 at a time), and leave waste behind. Therefore, be sure to check thoroughly for bedbugs, especially in and around your bed. They can hide in small places – like box springs, headboards, wallpaper, and electrical outlets. So be sure to peel back corners and outlet covers.



A bedbug’s sweat glands cause it to leave behind a musty odor that is offensive to humans, so if you notice this odor – along with other signs mentioned here – look out for bedbugs.

Colors: Red and Black

A recent study found that bedbugs appear attracted to red and black and tend to stay away from yellow and green. The assumption is that bedbugs are more likely to camouflage themselves in a red or black environment than be attracted to darkness. On the other hand, yellow and green will reflect light. So, they try to avoid it to maintain their cover.


Buy Used Furniture Cautiously

As much as we all like a good bargain, some deals are just not worth the risk. The fact is that there is a chance that used furniture can contain bedbugs. Always flip any sofas, chairs, tables, or other similar items over. Pull back the fabric, and check all the corners and folds to see if you can spot any sign of bedbugs.

Getting rid of bedbugs often prove to be very difficult. Everyday consumer-graded traps typically prove to be ineffective. And because they have hairy feet, bedbugs often escape traps with slick surfaces. Entomology Today pointed out that bedbugs have built up a solid resistance to many typical insecticides. The CDC recommends that you get regular inspections by a trained professional to treat or prevent your household or business from becoming infested by bedbugs and other common pests. 

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